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Skin foam skin extrusion line
Skin foam skin extrusion line

Skin foam skin extrusion line

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Skin foam skin extrusion Line

Used for high-definition digital TV transmission and all kinds of foaming high-frequency special cable.

3.1. Conductor inlet wire max.diameter:2.5mm or 2.6mm

3.2. Copper conductor outlet wire range:0.32mm-0.65mm(when connect with drawed single wire) 0.25-0.60mm (when use motorized pay-off )

3.3. Copper conductor diameter deviation(take the laser measurement as standard):±0.001(in the range of average value)

3.4. Copper conductor ovality(take the laser measurement as standard) ±0.001 (in the range of average value)

3.5. Copper conductor elongation rate :18-26%, set value ±2

3.6. Max.insulation outer diameter:3.0mm

3.7. Insulation types: soild low density ,middle density or high density polyethylene,foaming degree range 35-70%

3.8. Insulation material: A) Solid material PE/PP

B) Foaming material PE (premix or mixing)

Appointed material brand

PE solid insulation: Union Carbide DGDK3364NT

PE forming premix: DOW (Union carbon) DGDA6923

BOREAILS chemical HE1102

PE inner skin: Union carbon DFDA7540 NT or

Japan UBE 180

PE outer skin: Union carbon DFDA3364 NTor

Color masterbatch: America Wilson Cocnentration factor: 1:100

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