Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2th May 2002(abbreviation HD). Our major products are planetary strander,insulation wire extrusion machine,cable taping machine,wire and cable coiling machine,wire extrusion machine,cable extrusion machine,silicone rubber cable with glass fiber braiding.
Our products basically adopt and absorb European technology which is innovative,high-quality, high-output, high-end, stable, energy-saving and easy operation.
  • 01.Sand-blasting

    The one and only, we select sand-blasting to rust clean, then to pain color, it keep color better and longer.

  • 02.Inspecting spare parts

    We own a good quality inspecting team. They inspect each parts carefully. It is good for assembling machines.

  • 03.Technology supporting

    Good and long technology supporting, it owns 16 years experience. 

  • 06.After-service

    Good after-service team, Service at all time, Customer first.

  • 05.CNC Machining Center

    High precision CNC machining center, it is better than traditional machining.

  • 04.Workshop managing

    We manage workshop strictly, Plan layout of machines, do anything fine.

2.Sheet metal
3.Gold processing
4.Paint sandblasting
5.Quality inspection
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