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Jiangsu Handing Cable Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Handing Cable Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2002. We have 18 years production experience for now. We have more than 100 employees. Our factory is located in Lijia industrial Zone Changzhou city China, with cover area more than 16,000 square meter. Our company is specialized in producing Cable and wire machinery. With the deepening of the enterprise’s qualifications, we attracted many outstanding talents and gradually mastered the ability to conduct independent R&D and innovation acts.
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    • 1.Unloading
    • 2.Sheet metal
    • 3.Gold processing
    • 4.Paint sandblasting
    • 5.Quality inspection
    • 6.Assembly


    • Gantry type pay off in 120mm extruder
    • BA 2500-PC Caterpillar in extrusion line for extrude big wire
    • Pay off used in the extruder
    • 630mm Take up used in this extrusion line