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Drawing and extrusion tandem line
Drawing and extrusion tandem line

Drawing and extrusion tandem line

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Production for super ultra CAT 5 and CAT 6 digital cable.


Max diameter of core cable


Max diameter of finished cable


Sheath material

PVC, flame-retardant polymer etc.

Max line speed


Pay-off bobbin

800 X 400X 50mm ,
also use 1000mm bobbin

Take-up bobbin

1000 X 500 X 630mm



Wire drawing, annealing and pre-heating are inside a compact unit;

Through the tension compensator and extrusion line to keep synchronism, keep the constant tension; Ensure pre-heating temperature of wires is uniform; Precision control the temperature of cooling fluid; Using the flexible programmable logic control(PLC)

that wires dry effect is better, mached with various of extrusion lines for use, can be ensure synchronism completely.

Integrated design of annealing and pre-heating, equipped with automatic tension adjusting system, and ensure the uniformity of the

copper wire elongation and wire diameter;

The extruder using imported crosshead, which can ensure concentricity of core wire over 95%.

Online configure water capacitance testing instruments;

X-Y laser diameter gauge from BETA company will feedback the tested value to the revolution speed of adjustment screw of extruder, to

ensure the deviation of wire diameter be within ±0.002mm.

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