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  • Mechanical Talc power applicator
      • Mechanical Talc power applicator
      • Mechanical Talc power applicator
    • Specification

    A. EPS-1Stafic electricity talc applicator

    1. Heating gear reducer: 0.1 KW; Speed ratio: 1:40, 380V, 50HZ

    2. Control voltage: 220V, 50Hz,1Phase 

    3. Heating block power: 1000W

    4. Size(mm): 1265x460x1070

    B. Heating type talc applicator

    It is made up steel plate and profiles. It has spiral blade to mixing powder, brush power removal powder and heating plate are installed in to carry out heating and temperature removal to the stone powder (talc). The working room is sealed on an overall basis without any dust flying, in addition, dust falling diversion plastic is also established to enter the dust collection box and collect the dust together. In this way, the dust flying can be avoided. For the dust which is collected, it can be reused in the working room. The rotation setting adopts motor and the transferred to worm reducer for speed reduction by triangle belt, in addition, it will be transferred to spiral blade axial by reducing the speed of chain transmission bar to make the spiral plate rotate and then mix powder. The electric heating plate is utilized to heat the talc and the heating temperature is adjustable. Its function is to make the copper line and knot dry and smooth.

    External dimension: 1 265x460x1 070

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