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Wire accumulator
Wire accumulator
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A. 2.25M Vertical accumulator

1. Type: Vertical Height: 2.250m

2. Tension control: Balancing frame potentials automatic balanced control

3. Transmission: Mechanical transmission

4. Length of accumulator: 12.8m

5. Guide wheel: Diameter: IDΦ400mm Material: Aluminum alloy Number of wheel for five pieces pair six pieces, depth of slot δ=25mm

6. Anti-collision: Compression spring

7. Double detection device: Potential balanced tension control

8. Safety device: Equipped with limit switch in front and back, the synchronization wire-broken and shut down control

B. 1.7m vertical accumulator

1. Model:vertical accumulate wire + horizontal outlet wire

2. Rail structure: it adopts H-type steel+ the square steel bar of the medium carbon steel to make the thermal refining and then make the rigidity chrome electroplating;

3. Rail length: about 1.7M;

4. Line quantity: about 10M;

5. Line wheel: Φ300, 5/4 ditch of V type, aluminum alloy materials and hardening treatment of the anode of the wheel surface;

C. 12M level accumulator

1. Storage line length:10M-200M

2. Stator: Diameter: IDΦ300mm material: alloy Aluminum wheels 10:11, the trough deep δ = 12mm,the trough width S=14mm.

Control speed: It is feed backed to motor of take up by deflection detector. The speed of take up speed up automatically when accumulated wire capacity is bigger. Otherwise, the speed of take up slow down automatically when accumulated wire capacity is less.

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