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Volumetric Dosers
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SCM series volumetric dosers are suitable for auto-proportional mixing of virgin materials, regrinds, master batch or additives. A gear motor with gear ratio of 38:1 is coupled to dosing screw of 12, 16, 20 or 30mm(0.47,0.63,0.79 or 1.18 inch) in diameter to give a total of four models with output ranging from 0.1-110KG/hr. Double color dosers is available for collocating with any two of single color dosers if required. Five components automatic mixing can be realized if customers adopt four-color dosers.


Dosing screws are chrome plated for durability.

Unit is comprised of standard modules for ease of cleaning, disassembly and interchangeability.

Three-tube hopper magnet is equipped at the base of single color doser to absorb metal impurties so to prevent screw of moulding machine from damage.

Blender is a standard equipment for double color doser to make the material evenly mixed, while also a optional equipment for single color doser to do so.

Main material hopper is a standard equipment for double color doser. It is optional for single color doser.

External signals can be directly interfaced with control box.

The current operation mode can be recorded, unaffected by power failure so operation would be returned to normal when power is on.

Forced material cleaning is convenient to replace masterbatch.

Applicable on extrusion machines, just need to make a few wire replacements.

Rotating speed can be automatically adjusted according to extruder processing speedm which maintains the fixed proportion of masterbatch.

50 units of parameter recipes are available for permanently recording the period of material discharging and finished products weight ( for extruder, it is max. Throughput per minute)

Use brushless DC motor and free from maintenance

Both master blockage and overload can be detected, then machine will halt and sound alarm

Based on customers demand, some mold cycles can be set to add additives periodically so that micro-metering can be achieved.

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