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  • Standard drying loader
      • Standard drying loader
    • Specification

    ●  Adopts proportionaL deviation dispLay thermostat, which controls the temperature al1:curately.

    ●  StainLess steeL hopperensures no materlaL contamination.

    ●  Hopper separaited from its base, which ensures convenient cLeaning.

    ●  SingLe tube suctiorl box is standard equipment.

    ●  SDL-300 and even smaller models beLow are ec1uipped with standard base. SDL-400 and everl bigger models above it are equipped with magnetic base.

    ●  For SHD-25SL~l50SL, heater pipes are connected by aLuminum sheets and other modets are equipped with temperature protection to prevent heater pipe from damaglng by blowerfaults.

    ●  Overheat trlpping can automatically cut off power when drying temper,3-ture exceeds set deviation va[ue.

    ●  Adopt5 heat-insulated blowerto proLong blowerlifespan.

    ●  AIL seriesofmodel5 adopt microcomputer controL and RS485 communication port.

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