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  • Standard Self-contained Hopper loaders
      • Standard Self-contained Hopper loaders
    • Specification


    StainLess steel hopper. motoroverload protective device.

    All the machines are ecluipped with hinged hopper Lid

    except SAL-430 and SAL-460.

    ALL the machines are equipped with autoreverse cLeanlng

    l(it and cloth mesh fiLter except SAL-430 and SAL-460.

    SAL-430/460 has standard cLoth mesh fiLter and motor

    re、/erse cleaning function.


    Buzzer is optionaL.Add"B"at the model behind.

    ManuaL control switch is optionaL to deal with conditions that power

    supply is hard to manage whelrl

    machine is instaLLed at higher pLaces. Add RS“at the model behind.

    Quick mixing vaLve can be opted to work with proportional vaLve to

    enhance mixing effect.

    Add“QM"at the modet behind.

    For potished hopper inside ones,,add“P“ at the end of the model code.

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