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  • Standard Hopper Dryer
      • Standard Hopper Dryer
      • Standard Hopper Dryer
    • Specification


    ● Adopt hot air diffuser to gain an even hot airftow to improve drying


    ● Hot air inLet eLbow design can prevent dust piLing up at bottom of the

    pipe heaters so as to avoid bumlng,,● All material contact surfaces are made of stainless steel to etiminate

    material contamination.

    ● Hopper separated from its base. erlsuring convenient cleaning.

    ● All series are equipped with exposed power switch.

    ● ForSHD-25-150SL, heater pipe5are colrlnected byaluminum sheets

    1ind ol:her modets are equipped with temperature protectiorl to prevent

    heater pipe from damaging by btower faults.

    ● Overheat t:ripping can automaticauy cut off powerwhen drying temperature

    exceeds set deviation value.

    ● Adopts heat-insuLated bLower to proLong bLower Lifespan.

    ● Alt series of modeLs standard equipped with7-day timing and irltermittent

    operation function,,● ALl series of modeLs3dopt mlcrocomputer controL and RS485

    communication port.

    ● Max. drying temperature isl60℃.

    ■   WorkingPrinciple

    ln the drying process, hot alr with constar1t temperature is b1owrl by a blower  into  a  two-Layer  in5uLated hopper to dry the materials. Moisture wiLL be separated out arld taken away by hot air. thu5 to gain a satisfiel:l drying effect.

    Air bLowlrl out of blower became high temperature drying air after being heated. Through screen protectorand hole screen, l-lot air l[:an be ecluabLy dispersedln the material of storage tank(see picture). Hot air recycler is optional  so  the  air  enter  drying blower after being fLtered to form a cLosedloop circle and save eLectridty.

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