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SZ Stranding Line
SZ Stranding Line
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1. The product: maxФ22mm

2. The loose tube dia and number: (Ф1.5~Ф3.5)mm/8

3. Design speed: max110m/min

4. Producing speed: 90m/min. (tube standing pitch 60mm, yarn binding pitch 25mm, Ф1.8 loose tube)

5. Tube stranding pitch: (55~500)mm

6. Stranding angle: ±(12~18)π

7. Stranding Speed: max1800rpm

8. Speed of binder: max4200rpm

9. Yarn binding pitch: 22~50mm

10. Metering accuracy: ≤2‰

11. Additional loss: ≤0.02db/km

12. Color of machine: customer confirm

13. Operating direction: customer confirm

14. Power supply: 60kw,380V±10%, 50Hz±2%, 3 phase 5wires

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