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SH-02 Color masterbatch blender
SH-02 Color masterbatch blender

SH-02 Color masterbatch blender

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SH-02 color masterbatch blender is improving designed on the basis of absorption of similar foreign products. The performance index is close to the level of similar foreign products. Using this machine can mix different insulation materials according to different proportion to improve mixing uniformity thus avoid the quality problem because of mixing nonuniform.

The machine mainly is used for mixing many types insulation materials in the production process. Such as communications cable color masterbatch mixture, etc.

2. Main technical parameters

2.1. Blender hopper capacity 5L

2.2. Blender screw speed 0.1-40rpm

2.3. Blender outer shape dimension 587x408x267

2.4. Controller outer shape dimension 210x136x200

2.5. Synchronous current input signal 0-10mA

2.6. Synchronous voltage input signal 0-10VDC

2.7. Relay contactor load power 20A,30VDC

3. Working environment

3.1.Power supply AC 220V±10%,50-60HZ

3.2. Power consumption 100W

3.3.Working temperature 5~45℃

3.4. Relative humidity ≤80%( No condensed water)

3.5. There is no corrosive gases ,oil, steam and severe dust in the air.

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