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Optic-fiber secondary coating line
Optic-fiber secondary coating line

Optic-fiber secondary coating line

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12/238 Optic-fiber secondary coating line

1.Application for the production line

The optical fiber secondary coating production line is mainly used for extruding 2 to 12 core fiber outer diameter Ф1.5 to Ф3.0 mm fiber loose tube bundle tube and cable filling rope extrusion. Extrusion materials should be suitable for PBT, PP, PC and PE. The extrusion shape is round, uniform and smooth.

This machine has the following features:

1. The design speed of the production line is 800M/Min, and the production speed is 500-600m/min (Ф1.80mm, wall thickness 0.30mm, PBT beam tube)

2. Machine excess length control range: 0 ~ 3 ‰.

3. In order to improve the stability and reliability of the product, the cold water circulation system of the machine adopts automatic constant temperature control and is equipped with a refrigeration device.

4. The fiber filling system has a constant temperature control device to make the filling amount accurate, stable and reliable.

5. The key electronic control components in production are all made of high quality products with reliable quality and convenient maintenance.

6. The extruder adopts60mm, and thelength diameter ratio is 25:1.

2.Main technical parameters

1. Optic-fiber core No:12 Cores

2. Optic-fiber pay-off tension: 0.4-1.5N±0.05N

3. Optic-fiber pay-off bobbin size:25km and 50km two kinds of optical fiber bobbin

4. Tube diameter: Ф1.5mm- Ф3.0mm

5. Continuous production length: Max 50kw

6. Water temperature in hot water tank: room temperature - 80

7. Refrigerator outlet temperature: 15-25(adjustable)

8. Take-up tension: 2.58N

9. Production line speed: 5500m/min(Ф1.7mmPBT tube)

10. Die and jelly-filling component: Ф1.8mm, Ф2.3mm, Ф3.0mm

11. Wire diameter deviation: ±0.03

12. Excess length controlrange: 03‰

13. Excess length control accuracy: ±0.2‰

14. Length metering tolerance: <2

15. Optic-fiber extra loss after coating: <0.02db/km(average 0.01 dB/km)

16. The power of the whole machine: about 60kw

17. Production direction: as contract

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