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Interlocking armouring machine
Interlocking armouring machine

Interlocking armouring machine

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Interlocking Armoring Machine


This machine is mainly use for armoring the round cable

Main Technical Data:

1.1 Theory sectional drawing of interlocking

1.2 Cable diameter before armoring: Φ8Φ55mm

1.3Max rotating speed of main machine: 800r/mindesign speed

1.4 Armoring pitch: 6.312.5mm

1.5Max pulling force: 800kg

1.6 Max line speed: 10m/mindesign speed

1.7Pay off coil size: Φ900mm×Φ400mm×203mm(OD xID x WIDTH)

1.8 Tape thickness: 0.51.0mm

1.9 Tape width: 9.5mm12.7mm19mm

1.10 Tape material: Al Alloy, Galvanized steel tape, stainless steel tape

1.11 Armoring type: S type

1.12 Pay off reel size: PN1000PN2000mm

1.13 Take up reel size: PN1000PN2000mm

1.14 Main motor power: 22KW(AC variable frequency motor, Siemens)

1.15 Capstan motor: 1.5kw (AC servo motor)

1.16 Central height: 1000mm

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