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HGSB-24A High speed braiding machine
HGSB-24A High speed braiding machine

HGSB-24A High speed braiding machine

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The infomational high-speed wide network needs high quality and high demand braiding wire & cable, just we can solve all of that, HGSB high-speed braiding machine is more suitable for you to produce high-demand computer wires, net wires(e.g.cable NO.6 and cable NO.7) and advanced audio frequency wires.


This high speed braiding machine uses frequency controlling technology which is programmable. It controls machine by touching the screen, it can timing smoothly, weace with high speed and show all brekdown automatically.

Meanwhile it has low noises, strong reliability and good wear ability. The spindle has automatcally tension controlling mechanism, automatic lubricative system and safe fire fighting cover. This kind of machine can weave not only copper wires but also other metal wires, such as Mg-AL, alloy wires, stainless steel, and so on. The volume of the spindle of this machines, while being loaded to capacity, it can be loaded to 1.5kilogram, comparing with other kinds of machines, this machine doesn't need change springs but to slightly tune the springs tension when change different specification wires.

Braiding Method

2 stack 2

Knitting direction


Number of Spindles

24-spindle(12 Upper Spindles, 12 Lower Spindles)

Spindles Size


Spindle Speed


Pitch Range


Max. Braiding Diameter


Maximum production speed


Overall Dimensions


Max production speed


Braided wire diameter


Optional external retractable wire rack


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