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  • HGSB-16A High-speed Braiding Machine
      • HGSB-16A High-speed Braiding Machine
      • HGSB-16A High-speed Braiding Machine
    • Specification

    HGSB-16A High-speed Braiding Machine offers a solution for the requirements of high-speed broadband networks for high-quality coaxial cables. The HGSB machine is especially suitable for breading high-quality computer cables, network cables (Cable 6 and 7), and advanced audio cables.


    High-speed Braiding Machine involves an advanced programmable controller, frequency control technologies, and a touch screen. It features stepless speed regulation, high braiding speed, fault display, low noise, high reliability, high precision, and high intensity. It incorporates a specific breading method, with the spindle equipped with an automatic tension-control mechanism, an automatic lubrication system, and a muffler shield. The machine is used not only for breading copper wires, but also for metal wires like aluminum-magnesium alloy wires and stainless steel wires. The spindle has the largest capacity of 1.5 kg for copper among all the breading machines. In contrast to other models, no spring is needed to change while the type and size of breading wire is different. Only adjustment of spring tension is required.

    Braiding Method

    2 stack 2

    Knitting direction


    Number of Spindles

    16-spindle(8 Upper Spindles, 8 Lower Spindles)

    Spindles Size


    Spindle Speed

    0-150RPM (Stepless Speed)

    Pitch Range


    Max. Braiding Diameter


    Maximum production speed


    Host (frequency electrical) power / speed


    Available wire coil outer diameter


    Braided wire diameter


    Overall Dimensions


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