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  • Cold welding machine
      • Cold welding machine
    • Specification

    1. Machine model

    J2,J2-A, J2-B (Matching mold: SM-2 Type)

    2. Application:

    Used for copper, aluminum, gold, silver, tin, tantalum and other non-ferrous metals and their alloy wires

    3. Wire clamping range

    J2: Copper: ∅0.30-∅1.20mm  AL: ∅0.30-∅1.40mm

    J2-A: Copper: ∅0.25-∅1.30mm  AL: ∅0.30-∅1.50mm

    J2-B: Copper: ∅0.25-∅1.50mm  AL: ∅0.30-∅1.80mm

    4. Advantages: precision casting

    5. Without power supply, it is safe, reliable, easy to operate, easy to weld, the resistance of the material after welding is conducted, and the material elongation rate and related physical and chemical indicators are unchanged.

    Bench cold welding machine, with cold welding machine bracket, easy to move, pull the line, small pull into the line commonly used.

    6. Machine size: 250mmx65mmx145mm

    7. Weight: 12.8KG

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