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Autonatic talc applicator
Autonatic talc applicator
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Automatic Talc powder applicator

Under the effect of static electricity and magnetic field force, the talc powder uniformly adsorbed on the surface of wire andcable. This equipment makes the distribution of talc power on the cable very thin and reduces the wastage of talc powder.Due to static electricity and magnetism, the adhesion strength of talc powder is stronger than that of the traditional one. Thenthe talc powder would not be scattered on the ground after leaving the machine. This equipment has a dust collectingmechanism on the outlet place of wire and cable to prevent the talc powder overflow and flying into the air.

Technical parameters

1. Max. Wire diameter(mm): 40

2. Center height(mm): 950-1050

3. Power supply: 380V AC, 50/60HZ, 3 phase

4. Max. Power: 2.5KW

5. Dimension: 700 * 650 * 1600(mm)

6. Talc powder: no less than 2000 grit

7. Max line speed:200m/min

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