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    Welcome to attend 7th International Exhibition for the Wire and Cable Industry


    The 7th international exhibition for the wire and cable industry "wire India" is going to take place on November 27-29 at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai.
    After participating in the trade show "wire China" that took place at the end of September in Shanghai, Jiangsu Handing Machinery Co., Ltd. is now ready to present its machines characterized by high productivity and efficiency to both Indian and international visitors at the forthcoming event in Mumbai.
     Jiangsu Handing Machinery is a famous factory for wire and cable machines. Main products include JLY series planetary strander with gear back-twist, GLY series cabling machine with gear back-twist, JLK series rigid frame strander, JGGB series bearing type tubular strander, KLY series steel wire armouring machine, cantilever type single twisting

    machine, mica taping machine, wire and cable extrusion line, copper bunching machine, wire braiding machine, cable coiling machine and so on.


    The overall market situation in India and neighbouring countries for the wire, cable, special cable and data cable manufacturing industry, which is the target for Jiangsu Handing's equipment, is positive, so the expectations for this fair are likely to be fulfilled.

    Meet the company staff at booth no. H101.

    Linda Li


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