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    YT400 Computerized Automatic Coiling and Packaging all-in-line Machine was shipped to Ethiopia today


    It is possible to feed wire through the application of paying out machine or the direct connection to the extruder; the wire coil output is very fast; After the coiling, it is possible to connect with the automatic glue film winding machine, and automatically pack the wire coil and processing labels; The servo motor winding displacement is applied in this machine, the wire and cable coiling machine is neater and more artistic if compared with the manual winding; the touch screen man-machine interface operating panel is applied to enable the operation to be more cordial and easy to operate; 99 kinds of different wire coil specification can be stored in the microcomputer. If the product specifications need to be changed, the only thing you need to do is to read the stored specification data, and there is no need to input again. Thus, the production can be started right away; This machine can automatically detect errors, and send out alarms to warn operator if something is wrong with the machine.

    wire and cable coiling machine

    wire and cable coiling machine

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