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    Coiling and packaging all-in-one machine


    It's my pleasure to introduce you Handing coiling and packaging all-in-one machine.

    It has following characterics:

    1. Can be wire feeding by the pay-off unit or directly connected to extruder.

    2. The yield of wire coil four times manual coiling (take 200M wire coil for example).

    3. The automatic glue film coiling machine for wire coil automatic packaging and labeling after coiling.

    4. The yield 7 times manual when automatic coiling and winding glue film.

    5. This machine adopts servo motor flat cable system, the wire coil is beautiful.

    6. Adopt touch screen man-machine interface operation panel, easy to operation.

    7. The RAM of microcomputer can store 99 different of wire coil specifications, when you need to change the products specification, can be read stored specification, do not need to input again, can produce immediately.

    8. The machine equipped with automatic detects error function, can be send out a warning to remind the operator when there is a problem.


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