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  • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
      • Pair twist machine
    • Specification


    The unit can produce No.4 to 5, No.6, No,7 data cable and No. 5 cable below 25 and data cable of unit structure below 200 pairs; in addition, FTP, STP, SSTP and other data cables with different kinds of structures can be produced.


    1. Divide wire mould frame

    2. Rotate wheel type tractor

    3. Two piece of single twist type slanted taping head

    4. 1000 Single twist cabling machine

    5. One set of electrical cabinet


    1、Four eight-bobbins 500/630 active pay-off   

    2、Yarn taping machine        

    3: Seven head divide color binding and wire dividing device

    Note: Every four pairs active taping, meanwhile pre-twist+ cabling + taping + take-up


    Cabling number of pair

    4-25 (pairs)

    Max diameter


    Pitch range

    80 -300mm

    Max rotate speed of bow


    Max line speed

    150 m/min

    Twist direction

    Left-twist or right-twist

    Pay-off bobbin (mm)

    A/630X250X475 / B0500x250x250

    Take-up bobbin (mm)


    Take-up bobbin lifting

    Hydraulic lifting platform load and unload

    Production line dimension


    Max rotate speed of rotate tractor

    500 RPM

    Max. rotate speed of yarn taping head

    5000RPM(direction by motor direction change)

    Pay-off tension

    8-60N (adjustable)

    Bundle yarn tension

    5-20N (adjustable)

    Taping tension

    5-20N (adjustable)


    From left to right

    Main bearing

    Adopt Japan NSK or NTN


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