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  • Optical fiber cable skin extrusion line
      • Optical fiber cable skin extrusion line
    • Specification

    Used in the production of the skin cable, for FTTH optical fiber, the sheath material is PVC, LSHF etc.

    1Optical fiber diameterΦ0.9mm, Φ0.6mm
    2Cable diameterΦ1.8mm~Φ7.2mm
    3Production line speed≤60m/min (12cores, PVC material)
    4Tightly packaged optical fiber bobbin sizeΦ400mm
    5Tightly packaged optical fiber pay-off tension1N3N (adjustable)
    6ExtruderΦ50 extruder
    7Take-up tension1N3N (adjustable)
    8Take-up bobbin sizePN400PN630
    9Production Line directionaccording to customer on-site sure
    10Production line colorprovided by the client

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