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Automatic KN95 forming and cutting machine
Automatic KN95 forming and cutting machine

Automatic KN95 forming and cutting machine

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1. Machine introduction

This machine is used to form the pieces of mask from the raw materials rolls of hot air cotton, non-woven fabrics and Melt blown fabric, which is in high automation level and high efficient in working

The machine first forming the 5 layers of materials into one piece by the ultrasonic former roller, in the meantime, the nose bridge bar also precisely inserted into the layers at the same time. the knurling roller also will marks the required mode no. and pattern on the surface of the formed mask as per customer requirement.

2. Machine basic parameters

(1) Quantity of raw materials loading: max. 6 rolls

(2) Production speed: 120 pcs per minute

(3) Raw materials fixing rod OD: 250mm

(4) Raw materials roll max OD: 600mm

(5) Machine dimension: 3900 x 900 x 2000 mm

(6) Machine weight: roughly 300kg

(7) Work voltage: 220V

(8) Machine working power: 5KW

3. Machine parts picture and explanation:

(1) Touch screen control which is vivid and simple operation for worker

(2) Raw materials rolls feeding part: include materials nose bridge bar, hot air cotton, non-woven fabrics and Melt blown fabric and etc.

(3) Material sensor to check the finish of the raw materials, once the materials is finished, the machine will be automatic stopped.

(4) Nose bridge bar inserting unit, before the bar insert into the layers, which need be measured the length and straighten, this unit which measure the length by encoder roller and straighten by steel roller, to ensure the precision of the nose bridge bar inserting.

(5) Knurling roller to press the pattern and mode of the product on the mask by ultrasonic welding machine as per customer's detailed requirement.

(6) Cutting roller which cut the mark piece from after the pattern pressing, the cutter materials which is specially made for longtime life usage.

(7) Discharging roller for the pcs from the pressed materials line, which no need manually get off the piece of the mask, which can be automatically release the piece and directly into the collecting box

(8) Three color indicate light, which show the working state of machine by displaying different color

(9) MITSUBISHI PLC to ensure the working stability and program of the machine

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